• Industry: Health Care/Business Data
  • Client Headquarters: Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Program Launch: January 2012
  • Staff: 2 agents + 1 Supervisor

Medical Data Collection Call Center Survey

Founded in 2010, this client collects data on radiology equipment located in hospitals and testing clinics throughout the United States. This data requires constant updating to bring fresh value to its subscribers: equipment manufacturers, sundry equipment maintenance organizations, as well as aftermarket resellers.

Lambent collects data through online research and calls healthcare facilities to verify or gather information. This process fully updates the client’s outpatient database each year. We clearly tag each record to track exactly what has been done to confirm or update radiology outpatient clinic information.

Facility: facility name, address, website, and phone number
Decision-maker: name, title, phone, and email
Equipment: manufacturer, model, usage statistics

Outsourcing our data collection to the folks at Lumikha has been a breeze. Because quality data is a key aspect of our business, we are pleased that our outsourced team has been a solid partner for data survey and data entry.
David Ramsey, President, Radiology Data Corporation, Denver, Colorado, United States

Data for the Radiology Industry

The client developed its business model around annual subscriptions to its database and also conducts custom surveys as required. As a lean organization that outsources most of of its required services, it has worked with Lambent for most of its years in business.

The company’s database covers over 8,500 outpatient imaging facilities with advanced imaging equipment installed including CT, MRI, PET/CT, PET, Nuc Med, Breast MRI, Ultrasound. Its data set also includes facility ownership and key personnel.