Program at a Glance

  • Industry: Travel, Sharing Industry
  • Client Headquarters: NSW, Australia
  • Global Markets Served: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain
  • Program Launch: January 2017
  • Staff: 1 Designer + 8 agents + 2 Supervisor

Customer Support for the Sharing Economy

Lambent provides a range of back-office and customer support solutions to keep its client Down Under on pace to build their business through customer delight and service-delivery excellence.

Our work for the client entails high-touch support for their retail and business-to-business customers. We handle everything from all facets of customer support, rental management, owner management, insurance processing, and limited marketing assignments for VIP owners like web development and identity design.

Working with start-ups offers unique challenges when they pioneer new markets and new processes. The early going presents fresh challenges for regulatory compliance, operational efficiencies, and rental platform modifications.

Lambent effectively supports our client’s mission of becoming the world’s largest and most trusted caravan & motorhome sharing community. Since quality customer service is part of what pushes a company to success — our commitment to nimble customer assistance and deep understanding of the complexities of vacation travel assistance keeps our client leading its niche industry.

An Australian Caravan Rental Platform

Like AirBNB, the Australian firm is a peer-to-peer service that connects caravan owners (Owners) and holiday travelers (Hirers).

Owners make money from their RVs, normally sitting idle, while Hirers enjoy inexpensive caravan vacations throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Spain. Both groups need support for account creation, profile management, technical support, owner and customer onboarding, and owner and customer support.

Lambent's Services

  • Booking Management, Insurance Processing, Payment/Refund Processing
  • Customer Support for Billing, Technical, Onboarding, General Inquiries
  • Customer Support via Voice, Email, Chat, & SMS
  • Online Marketing
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Website Design & Development, Identity Design